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Video Games Bring Relief to Depression Sufferer

Bejeweled Blitz: Five Minute Oasis in a Busy Life

Honolulu Man Finds Meaningful Communication and Balance via Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

Zombies Help Family Bond...Seriously

Competitive Fire Fuels New Yorker’s Bejeweled Blitz Play

Girls vs. Zombies - Mother/Daughter Bond over Plants vs. Zombies

Bejeweled Blitz: Keeping America Safe One Minute at a Time

Energetic Manhattan dancer and mother of four plays Bejeweled Blitz for keeps.

Fibromyalgia Sufferer Finds Relief in Small Doses - of Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Fan has the Tattoos to Prove It

GenCare Owner Finds Key to Vibrant Aging in Casual Games

Bejeweled Blitz Keeps Disabled Advocate’s Mind Sharp

The Gamer Who Came in From the Cold

PopCap’s Painless Prescription

Bejeweled Blitz Eases Pain of Separation for Grandmother of Seven

Trading in Bejeweled Gems for a Diamond Ring

Plants vs. Zombies Sparks Creativity and Learning in 5 Year-Old

Plants vs. Zombies Helps Busy Mom Relax and Bond with Son

Hardcore Gamer Becomes Hardcore Casual Gamer

Octogenarian’s Bookworm Score is Higher Than Yours

Longtime Educators Use Casual Games in the Classroom

Her Blitz is Better Than Her Bite

California steel contractor is first ever to best Bejeweled 2

Writer/Artist/Mother Plays Bejeweled Blitz to Stay Sane and Connected

Man Down Under On Top of the World’s Leader Board

Guitar Hero Takes Plants vs. Zombies on Tour

Connecticut Mom Plays Bejeweled Blitz with a Baby on Her Lap and a Competitive Fire in Her Heart

Second Grade Teacher Schools Friends and Family in Solitaire Blitz

Die-hard bookworm fanatic who has to schedule her household activities around Bookworm binges.

Friends stay in touch, compete for high scores AND smaller dress sizes via Bookworm and Chuzzle

Pro home builder plays Bejeweled competitively and for stress relief

Tom and Victoria Kim have both played PopCap's puzzle, word and arcade-style games for years

Plays PopCap's casual games on the PC for 30-40 hours a week

College Student Minors in Zuma Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz Player's Biggest Competition? Herself.

Bejeweled 3 Helps Toronto Woman Cope with Fibromyalgia

Animal Rescuer Decompresses with Solitaire Blitz

Stroke victim spends days helping homeless, nights unwinding with hidden object games

Indiana man turns Depression around with on-the-go Bejeweled

Hardcore Washington Attorney is Bejeweled Blitz Fanatic

Mom Uses PopCap games to Help Home-School her 4 Children

Head trauma survivors find fun and friendship via hidden object games

Geek girl gets her game on with Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a family affair down under

Pat Francis plays Bookworm for fun and as a mental workout for her ongoing confrontations with the limitations presented by MS.

Former special education teacher has seen the educational value of PopCap's games and as enjoyed playing them as much as her special-needs students.

Parkinson’s sufferer and near-death survivor plays Chuzzle, Bookworm to stay sharp

18-million point shot puts British Peggle player at the top

Marriage proposal via hacked video game ends in YES!

Disabled teacher uses Bookworm Adventures to motivate disabled students

Muscular dystrophy sufferer turns to Bejeweled, Peggle and Bookworm for relief

Sci-Fi author caught the Bookworm craze when it swept through her online writer's group

Lewis's decade-long battle with MS has involved numerous drugs & physical and developmental therapies - and more recently, PopCap's casual games.

Horror novelist fantasizes about Peggle.

Engineering student down-under scores greatest Peggle shot ever

Great-grandmother may be world’s top Zuma player

Disabled minister keeps mind active with hidden object games while he waits for his "miracle of healing."

Aunt and niece battle disabilities with inspirational gameplay

Busy CPA takes Zuma on the road for stress relief.

Documentary film-maker discovered Bejeweled while on a film set and now plays it almost every day

Video game journalist is critically addicted to Zuma

Retired trucker is probably the world's number one Zuma player

Busy octogenarian plays Peggle and Bookworm for fun and mental exercise

Won $1 million in cash for playing Bejeweled when she won the FUN Technologies' WorldWide Web Games competition

Emergency room doctor unwinds with Bookworm

COPD sufferer uses Chuzzle as an effective calming tool when she has trouble breathing.

Grammar school teacher is Bookworm believer.

Four-year old shows mom and dad how to play Peggle like a pro

World's #1 fan writes the book on Bejeweled

Recovering addict plays casual games to help her fight her past addictions.

Avid computer and video-game player dreams about Bejeweled.

Retiree uses casual computer games to stay mentally young.

Great-grandmother counts Bookworm among the things that have helped her cope with ovarian cancer.

Full-time mom plays Bejeweled 2 and Chuzzle to relax, keep her mind sharp, and combat severe Depression.

Retired nurse fighting MS plays PopCap titles to keep her memory and cognition at its best.

Emergency room doctor in Alabama plays PopCap games for "mental downtime."

Takes Bejeweled with her everywhere she goes - on her cellphone.

Ambulance Driver plays PopCap's Mobile Games to Stay Awake & Mentally Engaged

Computer guru derives "me time" from casual games.

To help rehabilitate from a brain injury, Amie saw noticeable benefits from playing PopCap games.

Parents and daughters bond over Bookworm Adventures

Thriller writer uses Zuma & Peggle as a frequent source of mental breaks through each working day.

Quadriplegic senior finds that playing Peggle and Bookworm help with his sleep, keep his mind sharp, and provide positive feelings of accomplishment.

Teacher of challenged junior high and high school age boys uses Bookworm & Bookworm Adventures to motivate and teach students

Mom credits PopCap games with improving her son's struggle with autism.

Teen With disabilities takes to Typer Shark

Chronic arthritis sufferer sses Bejeweled for relief.

57-year old lawyer's deep dark secret: playing PopCap games late at night, often at the congregational church where she works part time.

Plays casual computer games to keep her mental and visual acuity honed.

Dolan blames her husband Jeff for her Bookworm "addiction."

Hardcore gamer likes to lose herself in Zuma

Bookworm Adventures & Peggle have helped Kristin's 8-year old autistic son Tyler with his spelling & social skills.

After losing her memory 2 years ago, Ruth's husband Bob came up with the iea of playing Bookworm as a form of therapy.

Vocabulary whiz kid enjoys adventuring with Lex the Bookworm

Busy psychotherapist plays Bejeweled for rewards, relaxation

Solitaire Blitz: Another Perfect Fit for Hardcore Gamer's Lifestyle

Lifelong Gamer Unwinds with Casual Games

Keeping Friends Through Solitaire Blitz